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Sewer, Drain Pipe Inspection By CCTV Camera

When you have a drainage problem at your home we can insert a CCTV camera into the pipes to track it down and determine the best solution to remove it. Not only does this allow our plumbers to see exactly what the problem is, but we can then give you a very accurate estimate of what it will cost to carry out any repairs.

CCTV is also useful in identifying issues in a drainage system before they become more serious, or in a home you may be thinking of purchasing. At times, discolored water or low pressure can be the result of damaged pipe somewhere along your property, so using our camera inspection technology can save you time and money, identifying the problem in a non destructive manner and ensuring you can repair it before it gets worse. When you’ve found a nice new home that you wish to purchase, it is a good idea to have peace of mind in knowing everything, including the things you can’t see, such as your underground pipe work, is in good condition. All of our video camera inspections can be recorded on DVD for you, for your future reference.


DrainCity Inc. Company Toronto Plumbers can provide your sewer inspection solutions with high grade equipment, at very reasonable prices, so feel free to contact us at 416-749-1800 anytime of the day.

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