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What Is A Septic Tank?

A septic tank is a waste removal system for homes not connected to the community sewer. They are usually installed in rural areas in homes that are often on a well system. Human biological waste and other household materials are distributed to the septic tank and then filtered into the soil. Components in the soil neutralize the bacteria and any chemicals, prior to purging into the groundwater or waterways.


Maintaining and cleaning the septic tank on a regular basis will guarantee a longer and more efficient life for the septic system. Also, ongoing maintenance and septic tank cleaning, can contribute to reducing health risks which include contamination and odours, these can be controlled by what you flush away.

Many qualified septic tank cleaning professionals use specialized equipment and products to make sure your tank continues to operate efficiently. Proper maintenance often calls for professional septic tank cleaning, and there are many professional septic tank cleaning companies that will do a good efficient job in cleaning the septic tank. To contribute to that efficiency, there are some simple steps you can take both inside and outside of your home to ensure proper maintenance of your septic system one is to conserve water, don�t overload the septic tank as this is often a cause of tank malfunctions, for instance, doing laundry, dishes, taking a shower etc all at once.


Using a garbage disposal is not always wise as this will increase the solids in the septic tank creating reasons to have the septic tank cleaning done more often and could contribute to blocked drainage. Dumping of kitchen waste like coffee grounds or other products down the sink can damage your system by clogging the septic tank pipes. The more solids you dump, the more frequently your septic tank will need pumping. Bacteria for your septic tank system needed to operate efficiently occur naturally. At some point your septic tank will need to be flushed of the solids that accumulate within the tank. Septic tank cleaning or pumping is an essential part of septic tank maintenance. If the tank is not cleaned regularly, and the solids accumulate, eventually the drain pipes and the drain field will become congested causing water retention in area and often foul smelling odours.

Septic tank cleaning needs to be adhered to and it is recommended, though there is no rule of thumb, that septic tank cleaning takes place every two to five years depending upon the amount of use, though some systems can go much longer. When the septic tank contractor cleans out your septic tank he should pump it out through the septic system manhole which should only be handled by the septic tank contractor. Certain gases escape when the manhole lid is removed and can be highly dangerous. A good qualified septic tank cleaning contractor will know the correct way of going about this function. He will be sure the tank is completely clean without sludge or solids being left behind which could cause clogging of pipes and additional repairs if neglected. Slow drainage or unpleasant smells can signify your septic tank needs cleaning and it is time to call in the professionals to do the job.

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