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DrainCity Plumbers Reviews

What Our Clients Say


the owners and workers of DrainCity Toronto Plumbing Contractors. We just had a big rain and we were all wet! Thanks to DrainCity Plumbers. We (my mother Jean a 80 year old senior and myself her son Andrew) found everyone at DrainCity Plumbers to be very courteous, honest and down to earth. DrainCity Plumbers came to my mothers home and did an excellent job, very professional and polite service and left the job site very clean. We would highly recommend DrainCity Plumbers to anyone. They simply are the Best! A Thank you goes out to Dimitri and a very big Thank you goes out to Eugene who went out of his way to help in anyway he could! God bless you all & thank you very much again.

– Very Best Regards, Jean & Andrew Iver, North York

in Toronto / GTA. You just completed a drain repair/replacement job at my Mother s home (85 year old senior), and you did a thorough and high quality plumbing job. Aside from the excellent workmanship provided, the most gratifying aspect of it all was the excellent customer service that was provided. The two gentlemen working onsite (Dimitri and Gregor) were as my mother described Angels sent from heaven. Being alone and somewhat nervous about having workers onsite all day at her house, she was anticipating a long nerve-racking day. Instead, she told me that both Dimitri and Gregor treated her with the outmost respect (as if they were dealing with their very own mother). It sure is a pleasure to know that there are still people out there in the working force that treat seniors with honour and dignity. So Gentlemen, I send a true heartfelt Thank you to the both of you!!! Kudos also goes to Stuart, the plumbing technician that was originally there to do the assessment.

– Frank S., Mississauga

and a back flow prevention system installed. DrainCity Plumbers did all the work in two days as they had promised. Their work was very non invasive.. everything was put back exactly the way it was and the the work area was left very clean. DrainCity Plumbers ensured the city of Toronto was able to inspect the job and gave me guidance in obtaining the necessary permit.
Overall I was very happy with their plumbing service and I was especially impressed with how clean everything was… The job was performed within the estimated price and time. Thank you DrainCity Plumbers for a job well done! I have since used Drain City Plumbers and recommended it to clients.

– Roel Vandenbrink, Toronto

After hearing Hurricane Sandy was heading toward Toronto and with all the leaves on my driveway, I knew I needed to have my catch basin cleaned or even repaired. On the advice of a co-worker who had her basement walkout beautifully done by DrainCity, I called them. Wow – Victor and Dmytro were on my driveway waiting for me to come home from work to assess the catch basin. Good news, it just needed a professional cleaning. While waiting for me they noticed two hairline cracks on my foundation and advised me that it would be wise to fix it now before it got any worse and more costly. I took their advice and appreciated their dedication to their work. Great guys. I now feel ready for the winter season or even a hurricane. I confidently rate DrainCity an A+++++.

Company response: Many thanks Mr. Wong for your review. It means a lot to us. Catch Basins should be cleaned twice a year, or at least once a year in the fall. Should something happen, insurance companies may not cover the damage if it was not maintained. DrainCity offers a discount to ratepayers’ associations and neighbours if you can have several homes in your area request this service to be done on the same day. It saves us money on the truck and we pass the savings on to you. Oh, Victor says thank you for the review and you have a nice house. Your DrainCity team.

– Samuel Wong, North York

I called DrainCity because of their senior’s discount. A month ago I noticed a wet spot on my ceiling that would come and go. My son tried to fix it by tightening a pipe in the upstairs washroom and changing the washers. The wet spot came back larger than before. Dymtro, a master plumber, and a colleague came and went to work right away to diagnose the problem. Very pleasant hard-working guys. They located the problem and fixed the leaking pipe quickly. They also changed a lever on my water shut-off valve that wasn’t working for free. And, they informed me of the City of Toronto generous subsidy program, which I would qualify for. They suggested a back-water valve and a sump pump. I am going to proceed immediately with that. Thanks guys, you were wonderful company and did an awesome job.

Company response: Marianne, we really appreciate your review and taking the time to write it. You are smart to proceed with the City of Toronto subsidy rebate program now because combined with your senior’s discount and the 80% subsidy, it will save you a lot of money. Please note that the subsidies are on a first-come, first-served basis, so proceeding now will ensure the subsidy will be available to you. Your DrainCity team.

– Marianne P., Toronto

We finished semi-renovating our upstairs bathroom and did most of the work ourselves. We loved the end result except one thing – our low, very low water pressure. (Something we had to deal with since we moved into our home almost eight years ago.) After visiting a number of plumbers’ websites we called two companies for quotes. We felt comfortable speaking to Terry of DrainCity on the phone and arranged for a site visit and quote. They were respectful, courteous and checked our valves, water meter and our feed line. We needed to replace our feed line because it was too small and it was corroding. Fortunately, we were able to go on a payment plan. They kept us updated every step of the way. Finally, we have water pressure, making all the work we did on the bathroom worthwhile. Nice guys. Great job!

– Sasha and Terrence K. Mississauga

My kitchen sink would barely drain for the longest time. DrainCity located the blockage, snaked my drain a long way to the blockage. They were quick, efficient, clean, reasonably priced and professional. It was completed in about an hour. Very good work.

– Todd MacPherson, Toronto

I am more than happy to highly recommend DrainCity for the superb diagnostic work they did on my property, which is on a high water-table. Two to three times a year my basement would flood. My insurance company refused to cover me anymore for flooding and told me to sue the City. The City had a stormwater management program and proposed high sidewalk curbs to direct the water running down from slopes and the streets away from our properties. My property still flooded. I was losing patience and ready to give up. I contacted DrainCity hoping they would be able to help. I had used numerous plumbing companies before. Dimitri and Mike came and inspected my sump pumps, pit, the grading, and so on. They called another guy from their company who came down and walked around the property. They took a real interest in figuring out why my property was constantly flooding. After advising a battery backup sump pump, which they installed, they wanted to further investigate if my neighbour’s property (four sump pumps) was draining toward my property underground. And, that’s exactly what it was. After nearly five years of frustration I now have a dry basement and highly recommend DrainCity.

– Andrew V. Toronto

A very positive experience with DrainCity, Yaroslav and their Digging team. We had a musty odour in our partially finished basement that wouldn’t go away. They checked our weeping tiles and in the far back corner of our house the weeping tiles were old and broken. They suspected that this was caused in part to our leaf filled eaves trough creating water overflow and the down spout almost right next to the house and flowing back to the house because of the grading. Our house could have sunk a little in that back corner if we waited. They had to manually dig in tight quarters and their digging team were very courteous and strong. They sent photos of the progress to my cell phone during the day. The whole process took a few days and they kept the property clean of debris. We are very happy with the work and guarantee from DrainCity and would not hesitate to use them again.

– Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Toronto

I had used DrainCity about two years ago to thaw my frozen pipes and called them this time to fix foundation cracks in the front of my home. Hugh, their injection expert, came and did a perfect job, while me and my son watched and asked many questions. It was clear to us he really knew what he was doing. Fabulous job.

– Martin Olesk. Toronto

Water was coming out of my basement floor drain and there were thousands of gnats flying around the lights. I called DrainCity because they had emergency service and spoke to a plumber. They arrived in less than a half hour and it was early Sunday morning. I had a few inches of water and more was gurgling up the drain. They went to work immediately and cleared the water, used a camera, and a rooter cutting through tree roots. Checked to see if it was also the sewer or the main City line. I was exhausted and couldn’t remember everything they said or did. It was nice that they wrote it down for me. They (Sydney and Dimitri) I think, left the place clean and even vacuumed up the sewer gnats around the lights and suggested a back-water valve under the City’s rebate program. What really impressed me was they called me back to make sure everything was o.k. and took the time to answer my questions, again.

– Javier C., Toronto

I needed a new and better catch basin because mine never really worked that well and it was sinking with damaged asphalt. I viewed the online photos from DrainCity for catch basin replacement/repair looking for an experienced company. I am absolutely delighted with the finished product and the work ethic of the crew. I enthusiastically recommend this company to everyone

– Lisa Cole, High Park, Toronto

Excellent job, within the budget quote, by a knowledgeable, experienced drain company whose employees appeared to enjoy doing the work. I needed a new line and it was tricky to go around my property. They were able to torpedo the line, tested it, communicated with me before, during and after the project. The supervisor, Dimitri, made sure everything went smoothly.

– Joseph C. Toronto

I chose this company after a consultation to install a sump pump. My father was a life-long plumber in a small town before he passed away. Although I didn’t inherit any plumbing skills, I know a great job. They worked with my schedule and Mike was attentive to every detail even explaining how to maintain the pump and he told me I could call him anytime if I had any questions. Simply the best crew and the best work.

– Andre Gascon, Toronto

I couldn’t have asked for better service from my first call and throughout the entire job. My drains weren’t completely blocked but they were slow in my older home. The grease was cleared and the other drains were inspected and worked on. Eventually, I will need a new sewer line or have it lined. A project for next spring. I received a quote and a discount for the future work. The guys were respectful of my home and I could tell they wanted to do a very good job. I’m very happy with the service and will use DrainCity for the sewer lining/replacement and any other work.

– Stephanie McCormick, Etobicoke

I called Draincity because of their reputation and solid guarantee. I tried fixing my shower stall drain myself because it would take too long to drain and we had to take shorter showers so the water wouldn’t overflow. I wasn’t able to fix it very well. It would wok better for a few days then it go back to how it was before. Sydney and Alexander came and snaked the drain and inspected the drain. It was sitting too high at the opening and there was a split. They replaced the top part of the drain and lowered the opening so the water would go down into the drain. Very friendly guys who did a thorough job.

– Darren C. Toronto

My sister and I are first-time home buyers and at the suggestion of our agent we put in an offer on a home in a neighbourhood we wanted to live in with a home inspection condition AND a drain and pipes inspection condition. Dimitri and Victor inspected every pipe, sewer etc. and presented us with a detailed list of what needed to be done now and what needed to be done in the future. We were able to re-negotiate the purchase price of the home based on the detailed inspection and saved ourselves over $6,000. We will use DrainCity to do the necessary work because we trust their service and the expert knowledge of their plumbers.

– Karla and Karrie D.

We wanted to see where the plumbing in our old bathroom could be moved at the most cost-effective way before we proceeded with the new design. Dimitri and an associate gave us valuable options and cost projections for us to go over. They helped us decide where the best re-positioning would be and we are very grateful they took their time to explain all the options. High quality work and a very positive experience.

– Stephan B. North York

Victor came over at no charge to determine if a back-water valve on my sanitary sewage pipe connection could protect my basement from future flooding. He suggested that a back-water valve would be helpful and also gave suggestions on additional things that could be done to keep the basement dry. He did all the pre-work and installed the back-water valve with his crew. It was stress-free and the job was lovely. I personally recommend Victor and Drain City to anyone who wants reliable and dependable service.

– Vivian Rodic, Toronto

I have a circular driveway, and didn’t want to have it dug up to replace a sewer pipe. I made an appointment with DrainCity’s service co-coordinator, Terry, and had to cancel at the last minute. Terry understood and pleasantly re-booked me. On the service call Yaroslav had to locate the sewer line because I had no idea where it was. He quickly located it and it was in a different position than shown on city line maps. He gave me a quote and offered to work within my schedule. I tried to haggle the quote down and he explained to me that when he gives a quote he always gives the best quote upfront. I asked around to see if the quote was a good one and it was. I am really satisfied with the professional service, professional attitude of the crew and the professionally finished job.

– Larry Vicmont, Toronto

I live in a home that’s 80 years young. Our basement washroom’s cold water stopped working. I didn’t know if it had seized or was damaged. Dimitri and Yaroslav came and were diligent in assessing the problem. Fortunately, they were both master plumbers and not trainees like I had before for another problem. The water feed line to our washroom was under the basement floor and damaged, something they have dealt with before. It wasn’t safe to keep the line below the basement floor because we wouldn’t know if it was leaking and that could potentially drive up our water bill not to mention the damage. They properly installed new feed lines (hot and cold) to our basement washroom. Outstanding guys and a beautiful job.

– Vanessa Harding, Toronto

Our water line to the exterior water hose goes through our unheated garage. We wanted to prevent a pipe freezing /burst problem in the garage. Terry arranged a time over the phone for the week-end. Mike replaced our rusted pipe with a flexible one that doesn’t freeze in the garage. He showed me which knobs to turn off in the winter and to leave the other knobs on the “on” position. He repaired all of the knob attachments. The price was far below what I had expected and Mike is a genuine plumber. I recommend Drain City without any hesitation.

– Kelly M, Toronto

My shower pipes were making more noise than usual and I was concerned it could be something serious. Edward and Mike from Draincity investigated the sounds and lucky for me it was an easy fix. They were able to check the connections without sawing through my tiles. They also checked the water pressure and did some additional tests. The men were able to quickly find the problem and they were very skilled. I will use Draincity again. Thanks to Edward and Mike for their workmanship.

– Gerald Tripp, High Park, Toronto

There were gurgling sounds coming from the bathtub drain where I bathe my children. Yarislav and Dimitro checked the roof vent and the sewer. I had a blockage in the sewer. They cleared out the sewer blockage and flushed it. It wasn’t tree roots and I didn’t need a replacement. I am so happy to recommend DrainCity because the guys were very good and knew what they were doing. I was comfortable with them working on the problem. The entire service from the first call to the after-job follow-up was exceptional. Happy customer.

– Mrs. K. Liu, downtown Toronto

Our community newsletter informed us of the City of Toronto rebate for a sump pump installation; something I wanted to do for years. Dimitro fully explained the process to me and the 80% City rebate. A lot more went into the installation than I had realized. I decided to take advantage of the time-limited rebate. The company is bonded and the work is guaranteed. The crew from Drain City were great, easy to talk to and tidy. Job well-done.

– K. Nguyen, Toronto

We had very inconsistent water pressure. My older home had mature trees in the front which is why I purchased it 11 yrs. ago- to shade the front in the summer. After a diagnosis, DrainCity agreed that a new watermain was necessary. Victor and Yaroslav discussed the best way to approach the replacement to me and explained the free quote, which was comparable to what my sister paid on her home a few years ago. I had to leave the city for two weeks. The team arrived when I returned and proceeded with the least amount of disturbance possible. They are very good guys who worked very well together. I am very pleased with the service.

– Eric Chang. Toronto

There was usually a lingering odour in my basement but two weeks ago the smell was noticeable and awful. I wasn’t sure if it was mold, mildew or a pipe. I connected with Terry from Drain City, who advised me to open the windows and close the basement door until the plumbers came. I was worried about the potential cost. Victor and Dimitri arrived within an hour and discovered the floor drain under a mat while they were investigating all the drains including my unused washroom. They explained it was sewer gases, some you can smell and some you can’t because the trap’s seal wasn’t working and because we didn’t use our basement washroom very often. Those gases can be dangerous. They repaired the trap and seal in the drain and flushed the washroom. I am so thankful for the work they did and how they approached the problem. Superb work and service.

– K. Carrigan, Etobicoke

Very good work from DrainCity. They snaked my laundry sink in the basement and were quick, clean and efficient. The entire job was done in under an hour and the price was reasonable. (Had it done before for a higher price). They gave me some tips to avoid future clogs and the entire experience was very good. Highly recommend.

– C. Vernon, Toronto

Superb work. My basement was damp even though I used a dehumidifier, which didn’t work in the winter. On the service call for a quote to waterproof I was given the option to waterproof from the interior or exterior. They explained the advantages and the price of each option and the payment plan. I went with the interior waterproofing and am delighted with the outcome. Yaroslaav and the crew were helpful, professional, hard working and parked carefully on my street. The service and work was above my expectations. Thank you Drain City.

– Bob R. Mississauga

Our exposed sewer line next to the outside wall of our basement was in terrible shape. It had rusted and was corroding. Replacing it was not an option, it had to be done. Dimitro and Mike used special tools to get the old sewer line out and work around our washing machine and sink. It was a big job and they never complained. It was replaced with a dark plastic type line, the latest in technology used today. The mess was cleaned up and removed, and the floor washed. A real professional job. Dimitro and Mike worked like human machines and were extremely courteous to us. DrainCity has earned our recommendation.

– Mr. and Mrs. C. Wright, Toronto

I wanted to speak to a plumber about the cold pipes in my home and if there was another way to tackle this problem outside of keeping my upstairs faucet on throughout the winter as recommended by another company. So, I had a consultation with Mat and Sydney. They explained that because my pipes were right next to the exterior wall and the kitchen renovation had the insulation done leaving the pipes between the outside wall and the insulation any radiant heat from the kitchen was now blocked. And, my water heating bills will be higher and my water bill will be higher. They recommended several ways to remedy this, by either a heat wire, pipe insulation or moving some pipes. I chose the easiest solution and am very satisfied with the work. The guys were understanding, knowledgeable and simply great. I will be a repeat customer.

– Rosanna J., Toronto

I recommend DrainCity for their prompt service, nice plumbers and good price. My toilet did not sit properly on the floor and would rock a little when used. They replaced my water seal and were able to stabilize the toilet. Good service and a reputable company.

– S. Alba, Toronto

Stellar work by DrainCity. I was surprised to learn I had a lead water pipe. The guys changed the lead pipe to copper and increased the pipe size without digging out most of my front yard. Easy to talk to, communicated all that was involved and finished ahead of the time estimated. They made me feel important and even answered questions from one of my neighbours. Thanks Yaroslav and crew. Highly recommend.

– Natalie G. Toronto

I appreciate the work done by DrainCity. My basement ceiling was really leaking right underneath the kitchen sink upstairs. I was unable to find the source of the leak. Dimitro located the pipe and was able to work through the small opening not to damage my floor or ceiling. He repaired part of the pipe and the rest of the pipe was in good working condition. He secured it correctly to stop the vibration. This was done quite late in the evening and I was grateful someone could come. All in all, it was a very positive experience and they have earned my recommendation.

– R. Romaine, Toronto

Dimitri and Yaroslav from DrainCity came to quote a sewer replacement. One of four companies I had called for a quote. They came with references and impressed me with their experience in this type of work. My sewer was shot and my lawn was pooling from the sewer line. It is a job that doesn’t need to be done very often, only once. I had to go on a payment plan. After reviewing the quotes and wanting the best job possible by a bonded, insured company with a good guarantee, I chose DrainCity. I have no regrets. They did an amazing job and even landscaped over the opening they needed, even though it was trenchless. All the pre-work was done meticulously (locating gas pipes, paper work etc.) and the over 10 metres of a new sewer line went without a hitch. These guys are sewer EXPERTS! I rate them a 10+, and recommend anyone who needs any work on a sewer to contact them.

– Dan Souza, North York

Even though I have a sump pump, it wasn’t operational for years and I tried pouring water into it to see if it would activate. It stalled. Sydney, from Drain City explained everything to me in a way I could understand. There were some repairs to the line and the pump to get it to work again. He suggested a battery back-up in the event of a power outage. The service was excellent and I pleased to recommend Sydney and Drain City.

– Simone L., Toronto

As part of home maintenance and a little slower kitchen drain I wanted to have my sewer drain and the kitchen sink cleaned out. I examined the websites of plumbing companies and called Drain City because they had up to date technology and a water jetting machine that uses little water. I received exceptional service and gladly recommend Drain City and their crew (Mike and Dimitro) to anyone who needs jetting of their drains.

– D. Eng, Scarborough

Outstanding crew and workmanship. My bathtub was leaking behind the spout and half the water would pour into the tub and the other half of the water would go outside the fixture. Victor and Alexander suspected it may be more than just a faucet repair so they assessed the problem carefully. My pipe and faucet were damaged and needed to be replaced. The water was running out of the pipe and down the back. I had wood damage and Victor recommended someone he knew and does work for the company to repair the wood damage. Almost no damage to my bathtub tiles and the area was totally cleaned. The guys were fantastic.

– Antonio B. Toronto

High standard service and work. I wanted a back water valve to prevent any possibility of sewage coming up my drains like some of my friends have had. Yaroslav came on a week end to see if a back water valve would be suitable for my property and to explain the City’s subsidy along with the work required to be done. I didn’t even know that the city of Toronto had a rebate program and that DrainCity specializes in this. Based on my experience, I am recommending DrainCity and their exceptional crew.

– K. Bailey, Toronto

Super-duper service by two super-duper guys. I called DrainCity late on a Sunday and spoke to Terry, who located someone to send. In my haste, I had forgotten to add that the street address was avenue not crescent. They called me to verify the address because the number didn’t exist. I apologized and the guys had to drive an extra 20 minutes. I have a spare bedroom which stores linen and we keep the rad heat off in there since no-one uses that room. It was spewing, then dribbling water, then spewing again. Dimitro and Mike did an extensive investigation and were able to stop the water and locate the problem. From start to finish the whole process took a little more than two hours. They came back the following day to recheck everything and didn’t charge for that. Like I said, super-duper service by two super-duper guys.

– K. de la Rosa, Toronto

I recommend DrainCity for their knowledge of older homes and very fine service. I had a sudden change of water pressure that lasted over a week before I called. They checked the valves and were able to fix the pressure by changing a broken valve. Eventually, I will have to increase the size of my watemain if I want more pressure, but I am content with the pressure I have at the moment. I will use DrainCity again and am happy to have found experienced plumbers for older home problems.

– K. O’Neil, East York

I have used DrainCity before about five-six years ago to clean out our septic tank and had them over again. They did an expert job and I will continue to use them every 4-5 years for my septic tank clean out. People are shocked that homes still are on septic, but I live in the York Mills and Yonge area and there are several homes in my area on septic. They have the right equipment, truck and servicemen to do an expert job. Very satisfied customer.

– Dorothia C., North York

My shower was clogged and Sydney, a very considerate and polite employee snaked the shower with a top of the line snaking machine. I couldn’t believe how much hair came out of the drain. It was rather disgusting. Sydney was focused, quick and did a fantastic job. He gave me some information on how to avoid clogging up the drain. I trust them with any drains and plumbing issues I may have and give them the highest recommendation.

– B. Erickson, Toronto

Nice guys – professional job. My watermain was leaking and I was interested in upgrading to copper and possibly increasing the pipe size without damage to my landscaped front yard. Yaroslav consulted with me and informed me they would be able to torpedo the line and there would be minimal if any damage, which would be taken care of. The quoted price was as expected and I scheduled a time that would be convenient to me. True to his word, the job was first-class and they were respectful of my neighbours. Outstanding service.

– T. McNamee, Scarborough

Superior work by DrainCity. They offered me options on the type, screen and size of catch basins I would benefit from on my downgrade driveway. They explained the advantages and the maintenance required. Examples of previous catch basins they had done convinced me to use this company along with being bonded and insured. The entire crew arrived on time and began the job exactly as explained. I recommend DrainCity based on the superior work they have done for me.

– K. Armstong. Toronto

It was off to a slow start because of my buried oil tank, I didn’t know I had, but the guys, Dimitre and Yaroslav and the digging crew (Uri, Artem) did a sensational job wateproofing my home. When they came to assess the job they noticed a capped pipe in the wall in my basement and asked if I had an oil tank. We are on gas. So, they examined the outside and found a buried oil tank that would be in the way of waterproofing and was illegal to have. They explained why it had to be removed and the province would test the soil for contamination before they could commence. That part was a let-down but necessary. It took over a month in a half to have the tank removed and the tests for contamination pass but I am relieved that tank is gone. The DrainCity crew dug around my home, waterproofed it and were always available to me for any questions I had. The project was supervised by a on-site supervisor and ran smoothly. Thanks to the entire DrainCity crew. These guys are pros.

– Mrs. E. Markoutsas, Toronto

What a wonderful job Victor and Mat did in locating my rings that went down the toilet. I had washed my hands and noticed my toilet needed to be flushed again. I passed my hand in front of the signal light (automatic flushing) and two of my rings slipped off my finger and went down the toilet. I panicked and called several plumbers explaining that to me this is an emergency because of the sentimental value. DrainCity said they would try but couldn’t guarantee locating the rings. Victor and Mat did everything they could for over two hours and kept trying, finally retrieving my rings. Their determined effort payed off and I received a senior’s discount. I love those guys. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Betsey H., Toronto

Our main floor didn’t have a powder room, a good resale feature, in the event we list our house within the next year. Drain City was helpful in situating the best place for the powder room. They were careful working within the space and kept the surrounding area covered to avoid any debris. They took extra time to finish correctly but kept way within the quote. The plumbing rough in was how we had wanted it and we recommend Drain City as a good company to work with.

– B. Shih, Toronto

Jaroslav and Mike from DrainCity came over before 7 a.m. as I had wished so I could be there when they arrived before going to work. I had turned off the water and removed two tiles from the drop ceiling so it could be accessible and easy to locate. My daughter’s after school birthday party was later in the day and having the sink and pipes working was important. They could relate and replaced a joint and soldered two pipes, working quickly and efficiently. Nicely done DrainCity and I will, of course, recommend your company to anyone who asks if I know of a great plumbing and drain company.

– George Malic, North York

I had a loud squealing sound from my water pipe. Construction work was done about a block away and they had compacted the ground shaking my home. I was wondering if that could be the cause. I called Drain City because a plumber I used for years had retired. I didn’t know what to expect but was put to ease when I met Dimitro, who was sincere and knowl edgable. He checked pressure, any looseness and air pockets, etc. After a few adjustments, that squealing sound was gone. Dimitro delivered great service and It was a good experience.

– Frederique C., Toronto

The clay weeping tiles were not doing their job because they were falling apart. I needed a new weeping tile system so I could waterproof my home from the exterior. I was hesitant because of the potential cost to do it and the possible potential costs of not doing it. I received two quotes from established plumbing companies and chose DrainCity based partly on the quote and partly on the explanation and experience of Jaroslav and Dimitri. It was a substantial job removing the old and replacing with the new pipe. The diggers were quick and eager to work. The foundation cracks were fixed before the fill-in and the grass was replaced. I would like to thank Jaroslav, Dimitri and the entire Drain-City crew for the wonderful job and I will be calling again.

– A. Colbourne

These guys (Jaroslav and crew) were great. A camera inspection of my sewer showed the blockage from the cast iron sewer itself. I asked for an estimate for a replacement and to kind because my home has been a money-pit lately. If it wasn’t for the location, I would have moved away long ago. The estimate was reasonable, but only an estimate. They assured me they would not exceed the estimate. A time was booked for the job later, and a team arrived. We watched most of it and Jaroslav explained what was happening throughout every stage of the way. Once installed they made sure it worked before leaving and called me a few days later to reconfirm and to stay in touch if I had any other problems .I couldn’t have done a better job myself. (joking) Quality work and service which I recommend to everyone.

– Goran S., Toronto

The wet spots on my ceiling were not always there, they would come and go. I couldn’t figure it out. Dimitri and Victor from Draincity came to assess and do some investigative work. They tried to locate the leak and even checked the house from the outside and went on the roof. They determined that the wet spots were from water coming back from the eaves and the gulley and down the side through an opening.into the house. That made sense because it would usually appear after rain. I am very happy with the service call and with the experienced Dimitri and Victor for taking the time to get to the bottom of the problem.

– D. Wang, North York

I didn’t want to use harsh chemicals to unclog my sink and since the plunger wasn’t working I had to find a plumber. Sydney came to examine the clog and underneath the sink. He was pleasant and quick to see that my trap under the sink wasn’t installed properly. After clearing the sink and putting the trap in the right way (it was backwards, I think) he fixed a washer about to go. Cleaned up and discussed some of the other issues I may have in the future. Terrific and cheerful service gets my vote.

– Susan P., Toronto

Extremely satisfied customers from the work done by Draincity. After going through the internet for a plumbing company and checking websites, testimonials and homestars we decided on three for a free quote. One didn’t show up. Mike and Jaroslav from Draincity came on a week-end to assess what was required and how much it would cost. To our surprise they said they could flush out the sewer by powerflushing and that should be sufficient because our sewer was still in o.k. shape. Down the road we may require a replacement. They also let us know about the back-water valve installation covered by 80% by the City of Toronto to help prevent basement flooding. They powerwashed our sewer and we will go ahead with the back-water valve after the paperwork is completed. Grateful for the work done and advice from DrainCity.

– Gord and Melissa S., Toronto

Congrats for a well deserved recommendation. I had a choice of time slots to choose from when I spoke to the dispatcher. Victor arrived early to examine my water line, which had given me problems in the past because of tree roots. The tree was diseased and was cut down last year. Victor told me that the tree roots can still grown even if the tree was cut down. I had tree roots under the front right hand side of my home interfering with the water line. I was upset with the here we go again problem. He returned the next day with a co-worker to change the water line, remove the tree roots and cement that portion of the basement floor. Victor was determined to give me great service and responded to all of my inquiries. I look forward to using DrainCity again.

– Craig Scott C., East York

Terry, Drain City’s front line guy, booked my appointment with Hugh, their injection specialist for my foundation repairs. Hugh was intelligent, experienced and had a good sense of humour. He was able to do all the repairs (four) beautifully and mentioned that it was good that I am having them fixed now instead of waiting too long. You can’t see where the repairs were done and I am fortunate he didn’t rush through the job. I would consider Drain City’s Hugh to be a craftsman and recommend to anyone who likes perfection.

– Anita S., Etobicoke

We had a blockage in our toilet and no matter what we did it wouldn’t clear for two days. We decided to call a plumber but couldn’t decide who to call so we chose one with the word Drain in it. It happened to be Drain City and spoke to the person on the phone asking him how much did he think it would cost. He didn’t know exactly but felt it would be about an hour charge because they won’t charge for travel or after hours in our case. Dimitri, a likeable guy, had the toilet cleared in about a half hour and let us know how to avoid most blockages. Thanks to Drain City and Dimitri.

– A. and B. Sarsidi, Toronto

The city was going to replace the lead water pipe on city property because it didn’t make the 7 litres/ minute flow with 19mm copper. I wanted the lead water pipe on our property replaced before or during the city’s replacement, preferably before. I interviewed several companies for a quote and decided on DrainCity because they were flexible with the time and work 7 days a week. It turned out to be a very good choice. Jaroslav, was accomodating with the timeline and most professional. The job was executed with precision and ease. Will recommend.

– YoungMi L. , Toronto

My washer and dryer were moved out of the basement to our second floor during a renovation three years ago. I would find a small pool of water whenever the laundry was done for the past week and it worried me. I booked an appointment for the next day and met Sydney, who arrived on time, was polite and interested in seeing whether the problem was my machine or the plumbing. He was able to rectify the plumbing connections and ran the washer while I was there to make sure the problem was solved. I will refer Drain City to my friends.

– Nadia K., West Toronto

A maintenance inspection of my back water valve was requested by me in my conversation with DrainCity on the phone. I wanted to make sure the parts were moving and no debris had settled. I am not one for yearly maintenance because the years go by so quickly, so it was years ago when I had it last checked. Jaroslav and Mike arrived promptly and inspected the backwater valve – it required a clean out to work. I watched as they performed the clean out and checked to see if the valves were moving freely. Very happy with the customer service, experienced guys, and I will be a repeat customer.

– Webster O., from Leaside Toronto

I applaud Drain City for their work and troubleshooting skills. I wanted an above the stove water pipe and spout to fill big pots that don’t fit in the sink to make it easier for me. Dymtro and Jaroslav from DrainCity were extremely helpful and personable. This was not an easy job because of my tiles and cabinetry. They were able to work it through and put the spout part where I had indicated – except when it was completed, I realized it was too high for me. So, they tweeked it and moved it until I was content with the placement. As a customer, I felt valued and will be telling everyone about the amazing service.

– G. Salvatore, Toronto

DrainCity upgraded my ancient sump pump to a new model. They were efficient, professional and came with credentials. What impressed me most was after the sump pump was replaced they cleaned everything up and took the time to explain how to keep the pump working. I’m eligible for the City of Toronto rebate on a back-water valve, however I would have to pay upfront and wait for the rebate. I may consider it. I received service with all the bells and whistles. Thanks Jaroslav and crew.

– Suzanne P. Toronto

Good value, prompt service and a straightforward job. My basin in the basement for the washer went from slow to clogged. I emailed for a quote on DrainCity’s website. A plumber called me and asked a few questions regarding the problem and when I was available. Edward arrived the same day, snaked my drain, cleaned up and took pride in his work. Pleased with the service call and the work done.

– Vicky L., North York

Can’t praise Dymitro and Jaroslav enough for the care they took in completing the job of unclogging my sewer. They came prepared and were equipped for the job. Decent guys who explained the best way to remove the clog and listened to me and my concerns. They went over everything with me. I watched the camera inspection and the entire process of water jetting was confident in their abilities and experience. I felt like a special customer and highly recommend.

– K. Simpleton, Mississauga

We were looking for a quote to position a new shower rough in where our existing bathtub is located. Mike from DrainCity, with a co-worker sketched out on a large piece of paper the possibilities and circled the quote for the three options. We weren’t under any pressure and he didn’t charge us for the quote or sketches. He suggested we call him back when we were ready to proceed should we decide to use them. He mentioned that they do full bathroom renovations as well. About a month later, we called for Mike to come back and go ahead with the rough-in. The rough-in was expertly executed and we are delighted to recommend Mike and DrainCity.

– Savanna P., Toronto South

Our watermain diameter was too small for our needs and maybe even too old. I spoke to Terry for an approximate quote and he needed to know how far to the cityline, which I didn’t know. Two service guys came for a free on-site quote and measured the distance, looked inside the basement for the connection and examined the best entry point in the front. My front is almost all paved and they determined they would be able to work around it. Any small opening would be returned to an “as was” condition or better. We arranged a date to start the upgrade to a 3/4″ copper. DrainCity’s crew arrived when they said they would. Jaroslav and Dymitri took charge of the replacement and communicated with me throughout the entire time. I glady recommend DrainCity and thank Jaroslav and Dymitri for a job perfectly done!

– Daniel J. Kovic, Toronto

One of my basement’s floor drains that leads out to the sewer could not be repaired and had to be replaced. It is easy to make a decision to do something when you don’t have a choice. The guys were skilled and used the right tools for the excavation, replaced the drain and did a very nice cement job to cover. It was a big job and they worked as quickly as they could leaving the entire area clean as a whistle. I will rate the price as about average, the service as above average and the guys (Jaroslav and Dmytro) as way above average.

– Michael Simard, Toronto

The person who answered my phone call let me speak to a plumber so I could explain that I wanted to replace my single bathroom sink with a double sink and what did this entail. Mike answered my questions and went into detail of what to expect and the plumbing required. He came on the booked time, installed the sink and faucets we had purchased, and changed the undersink pipes. He showed us where the shut off valves were and he took the old sink away. We are so satisfied with the work done and Mike’s customer service.

– Kim L., Toronto

I tried everything from boiling water to baking soda and vinegar and my shower drain was still clogged. I booked an appointment with Terry for the following day in case I could find a way to unclog the drain and told him I would call to cancel if I’m successful. Mat came a little early from the booked time and he was quite pleasant and ready to help. He used a long pole like device and removed hair and a plastic lid. He cleared the drain, ran water through it to make sure it was running well and all the way down. He gave me a free screen and used a waterproof screw to put the lid back because mine was rusted. Great service for a small job customer. Recommend.

– Carin Petroff, Toronto (GTA)

My faucet would not turn off in the bathtub and it was around 9 p.m. and an emergency. While I was waiting I used a bucket and kept dumping the water into the toilet. Dimitro arrived about 25 minutes after the call and found the main shut off in the basement which was stuck and didn’t work. He was able to shut the water off in a few minutes. After looking at the faucet in the bathtub and removing it he saw that the water pipe was cracked/broken and appeared to have been repaired before. That portion of the pipe needed to be replaced after he gave me the option of returning in the day or repairing it now because it was late. I wanted it done right away and Dimitro obliged. He replaced the faucet with a spare one he had and repaired the pipe. It was after 11:30 p.m when it was all done. Dimitro was outstanding. and the after hours service is the best.

– Tamara L. East York, Toronto

Mat from Drain City came to submit a quote during an on-site evaluation and to see if a repair to the front was required or if we required a total replacement of the existing weeping tiles. Front construction may have compromised the weeping tiles in that area. Mat offered two quotes, one for the repair and another for a full replacement. He believed the repair to the front should suffice and would test it to make sure. We arranged a time and date for the DrainCity Crew to commence. They were quite thoughtful and extremely organized. It took about a day in a half and there was a supervisor there the entire time. A day after completion, the sod and stones were put back. Impressed with the whole operation and I’m giving a thumbs up.

– C. Hope, Toronto

My basement floor had heaved in an area and there were cracks and it wasn’t even. It was like a dungeon. I spoke with Terry when I called. He explained what may be required to fix the basement floor so we can utilize the space. He sent Hugh, their concrete floor man and Mike and Victor for the drains to assess. Underneath one spot it was hollow. They said that may have been the coal storing area one time. With the ceilings a little over 7 and 1/2 feet we were o.k. with the height and losing a few inches to level was fine. Underpinning was out of our reach financially. At about 900 square feet it was a large area and some of the cement was brought in with a wheel barrel. The guys raised the drains during the cementing and repair. It was noisy for a short time while they were breaking up a portion of the floor. They let me know every step of the job and kept the dust level down. I am beyond happy with the service, the entire crew and the even level basement floor. It turned out better than I had anticipated.

– Nancy Hortwell, Toronto West

Nice work. Mike and Victor moved pipes and installed a doggy wash basin and a moveable shower in my bathroom to wash my two small dogs. They were congenial, professional and didn’t waste any time. Good attitude and a good work ethic. I recommend this company, DrainCity, (Mike and Victor) on the work they did for me. I don’t know what more they could have done.

– Carolyn A., Toronto

I requested a quote through an email on the Drain City website. I received a phone call within minutes of sending the email. After speaking with me, Mat gave me an approximate estimate and explained what would be required for the drain and water connection to my kitchen island. The estimate was in a wide range but he said it would be closer to the lower amount provided there were no problems. I thought that was fair enough and booked an appointment to look at the plumbing already in place. After speaking to Mike and Dimitri in my kitchen, I gave the go ahead. Both are experienced master plumbers who I trusted with the job and the work was guaranteed. They were clean and worked straight through without a break. It was a larger job than I initially thought it would be, but the finished job was an eleven out of ten, which is why I am recommending this company and the guys.

– Stanley M., Scarborough

I called a few plumbing companies and liked how Terry answered my questions, listened to my concerns, was not rushed and tried his best to offer customer service. After watching a show on This Old House, I realized that my original fixtures may contain lead because of their age. Terry confirmed that this was a possibility, however, even the newer fixtures that say lead free can contain up to 8% lead. A plumber from DrainCity called me to advise me what to look for when purchasing fixtures, should I decide to change the six fixtures. A few weeks later, I called again and Terry remembered me and sent Dimitri over to change all the fixtures. He was skilled, amicable and removed the old fixtures (not easy) and replaced them with the new ones I had purchased. The service from start to finish was super and I will call them again without hesitation.

– Dianna K, North Toronto