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Plumbing Drain Service In Toronto / GTA

A plumbing drain is an exit for wastewater to gush away into a sewage system. Plumbing drain consists of the piping, which carries, removes and receives various liquids and waste.

When water flows down a plumbing drain and into the plumbing pipes, there is a need for vent pipes, because as water flows from a plumbing fixture into a plumbing drainpipe, the air in the drainage pipe system is disturbed. An entry point for the incoming air that is required is usually from a vent extended through the roof of the house.

When a vent pipe gets clogged, the plumbing drain can inhale or suck the air required by getting it through the plumbing drain of the toilet or sink. When you hear the drain gurgle or the toilet cough up there’s a good chance the vent is clogged. One thing that should be considered about a clogged plumbing drain or vent is sewer gas. Besides the fact it smells terrible it is very unhealthy and arises from a clogged vent connected to the drain. Essentially sewer gas is collected in the sewage system from organic or industrial waste, and is a combination of toxic and non-toxic gases.

The lowest plumbing pipe in a house drainage system is a house drain; it operates by gravity and discharges waste, carrying it to the house sewer. This plumbing drain system finishes in the front of the house or building where it connects to the sewer, then comes in through the wall and into the house basement. There are two important types of drains, they are the hygienic drain receiving the sanitary and domestic wastes, and a waste drain which is drained off when it rains.

Floor Drain

A plumbing fixture in the floor is called a floor drain. This plumbing fixture removes the water down a drain into the sewage system. The floor drain will resemble a small grating, and is slightly bowl shaped to allow the water to run away down the drain. Usually installed in showers and other places floor drains are beside the water heater, in the laundry room, some restrooms and showers in the gym or at the swimming pool. Clean-outs must be located at varying points in the plumbing system and placed at the bottom of all soil stacks and floor drains. A clean-out is a capped section of pipe with a Y fitting extending above the pipe. Sometimes this type of plumbing drain is outside the home.

A roof drain, if not cleaned regularly may cause water leakage from overflow of a clogged roof drain. When the drain gets clogged it will cause water back up, this could in turn, create dampness inside the house if it seeps through the roof. If this drain is not tended to, the water could eventually bleed down the walls inside the house. A congested drain, inside or out, can become a problem and should be attended to by a plumbing professional as soon as possible; the first thing to do is find out what is causing the drain to be plugged.

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