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Plumbing company in Toronto

Fix Your Kitchen Leaks and More

From repairing kitchen sinks, leaking faucets, and upgrading your water service or installing new service of water, you can always find a professional and reliable plumbing company in Toronto. There are plenty of professional licensed plumbers that offer high quality yet affordable plumbing services to every client.

Plumbing Services Available

plumbing company in Toronto caters to a wide range of services which includes industrial commercial and residential plumbing. They are capable of handling any plumbing task possible:

  • Basement waterproofing and basement lowering/underpinning
  • Toilet repair
  • Dishwasher and bathtub installation
  • Sewer pipe repair and backflow prevention
  • Drain cleaning and grease trap cleaning
  • Window well, sump installation, and catch basin installation

Plumbers in Toronto are experienced when it comes to traditional and modern plumbing fixtures and systems. plumbing company in Toronto also keeps their plumbing services costs low and mostly offers discount upon providing their client a written quote.

Why Choose DrainCity Plumbers

Aside from DrainCity plumbers, there are many other companies that offer plumbing services, but here’s what sets them apart from the rest as an efficient plumbing company in Toronto:

  1. Their plumbers are licensed and professional equipped with years of experience and skills
  2. They offer 25 years of warranty on their plumbing and waterproofing projects
  3. They will leave your homes tidy and in spotless condition
  4. They keep an upfront and fair pricing policy on all of their projects
  5. Service appointments are scheduled on the client’s convenient time
  6. They use high grade equipment and applies modern technologies

DrainCity Plumbers offer a combination of dedicated skilled technicians with specialized equipment. As one of the leading plumbing company in Toronto, they also have a wide range of experience in terms of pipe bursting, making pipe replacement projects or repair of high quality. They apply pipe bursting technologies that were approved by plumbing authorities. Replacing or repairing defective pipes done by their professional plumbers can save you money and allows you to avoid unnecessary excavation.

Emergency Plumbing

The problem with the plumbing system can happen at the most inconvenient time. Plumbing company in Toronto is available 24/7 including holidays. Other plumbing jobs are can be fixed at a normal pace. However, we can also encounter a plumbing emergency. These may include the following.

  • Pipe bursts that caused flood in your place
  • Leaking or broken pipe
  • Clogged drains that chemicals can no longer handle
  • Backed up sewage line that can be dangerous to the resident’s health if not dealt immediately
  • Malfunctioning water system

There are many other reasons that may result to you having the service of a plumbing company in Toronto. If you think you can no longer handle such plumbing issues, call them immediately. Having a plumbing contact in handy is a good idea for emergency situations so better if you keep a list of their emergency numbers just in case you’ll need one.

If you are interested of acquiring the service of a plumbing company in Toronto, give DrainCity a call and ask for an estimate for your required service.

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