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Window Well Cover Repair And Installation Needs

A window well refers to a small structure that is placed outside a semi-basement or ground-level window, so that light can get in while keeping both water and soil away from the actual window. Most of the time, these wells are several feet deep and full of gravel for drainage. A window well isn’t just practical; it is decorative, too. Plus, you can get more natural lighting in your basement or lower level just by getting one. One of the main reasons why it would be smart to look into basement window well installation is safety. Think about it. If an emergency ever arises and you have a window well installed, you can leave the basement safely or have emergency crews enter the basement easily. Convenient, huh?

There are generally various different kinds of window wells out there. The mesh cover, for one, has a metal top that can be expanded with ease. Its mesh pattern generally makes it ideal for keeping debris out and for keeping pets and children safe. Sometimes, it has a unique vinyl coating on it to make it more durable against the elements, as well. The classic cover, on the other hand, is perfect if you are looking for durability and strength. Plus, it looks great and would suit any landscape. There is also a polycarbonate cover, which is ideal for keeping debris, snow and rain out. This cover is usually built with various vertical backings that can cover up the windows that are high above the actual window well.

Regardless of which window well you get, though, it would be highly recommended to look into its installation for your home today, so you can enjoy the safety and comfort of being more protected at all times. Now, although it is possible to look into DIY installation, it would still be highly advisable to call experts who know exactly what they are doing from the beginning. Our company, for example, knows exactly what you would need special permission for from the municipal authorities. Also, if you have a bigger project in mind, we can ensure that you comply with the necessary building codes. We will also check the window well for you in case of water accumulation.

Remember: the main goal of getting a window well is to improve your drainage and if your installation doesn’t go well, then you might just make things worse altogether. In general, what we do is take a window well and put it up against the window that you would like to place it on. We will then dig a hole and put the window well up against the foundation. After that, there will be some drilling involved in order to secure the well onto it. The bottom will then be filled up with gravel and if there are any extra places around the well, they will be filled up with soil, too. As you can see, it would be very smart to hire us to ensure that the job is done well and to save you from all of the hassle and trouble of basement waterproofing at the same time.

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