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Basement Interior Waterproofing

Are you tired of the wet basement along with the musty scents that come with it? Interior waterproofing might be the solution you’re looking for. There are many challenges that you might face if you’re a homeowner, basement waterproofing is one of them. If your basement isn’t waterproofed properly, it may lead to other issues like mold and necessary foundation repair. Appropriate basement waterproofing will ease your life in a lot of ways and have the opportunity to use the basement for anything you want is certainly the largest benefit.

When we discuss basement waterproofing to our customers, it is better to mention that there are essentially two distinct types of waterproofing — exterior and interior. Interior basement waterproofing is capturing water as it passes through the base, concrete floors and cinder block walls. Although this appears to be a simple job, typically a professional waterproofing company is necessary to set up and keep an interior waterproofing system.

Interior Waterproofing Toronto

If you are wondering whether you need a reliable interior basement waterproofing system installed, try to take into account the climate. If your area is experiencing a lot of heavy rainfall, many basements and crawl spaces may flood and will require a french drain system installed.

The fact is that some waterproofing service providers can help you with either exterior basement waterproofing or interior waterproofing but not all waterproofing contractors offer the same level of quality and customer service.

Before we go into details, it’s worth mentioning that basement interior waterproofing isn’t performed in only one way. People have been looking for waterproofing options for many years, which is why there are so many unique techniques utilized in the waterproofing business. We have different solutions available to accommodate different house designs and price ranges.

Why You Need Interior Waterproofing Toronto

Homes constructed should get an exterior waterproofing membrane installed below grade on the foundation walls. Regrettably, this does not always occur, and if it’s installed, it can be set up incorrectly. Waterproofing materials utilized decades ago are not of the identical quality as exterior waterproofing materials used now. Another problem is the footer drains might have gotten clogged, and the only way to fix them is to dig down and replace them. Sometimes exterior basement waterproofing isn’t an alternative. Massive trees, proximity to streets or even budget may interfere with repairing basement water issues from the exterior. Crawl spaces sometimes have the same problem, and an inner drain system is needed to keep them from flooding too. If you see efflorescence or wax on unfinished block walls, it is likely the exterior waterproofing membrane has failed.

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is sometimes necessary during interior basement waterproofing. Bowing walls, cracked walls, and support joists are typical during interior waterproofing installation. Hydrostatic and dirt pressure on a basement wall can create an unsafe environment if the walls crack or bow. Ensure you address any foundation problems you have during outside waterproofing or interior waterproofing to make certain you get a clean, wholesome and efficient home for years to come.

At Drain City, we offer free interior waterproofing consultations. We are also experts in sump pump installations, crawl space and basement waterproofing, downspout extensions, soil grading, gutters installation and other waterproofing services that are sure to keep your basement dry.