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High Pressure Water Jetting 2017-04-02T20:28:44+00:00

High Pressure Water Jetting Repair | Plumbing | Toronto

DrainCity Plumbers uses high pressure water jetting technology, for effectively removing sediment, grease, and waste, to thoroughly cleaning the inside of your drains and sewer pipes in the ground. Our plumbers use only the best equipment available, and you’ll receive quality jetting services done by our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers. Our jetting units are designed to provide benefits such as, high pressure operation at low water volume, operating in smaller more confined environments, and providing a high pressure water jetting solution that is the most cost effective, while effectively cleaning sewer, drain, and pipe lines in a wide variety of situations. We also have specialized equipment with small jets that can be used on kitchen lines, floor drains and small main lines inside your house, so there’s never any overflow to clean up. We are fully licensed and certified to carry out drain and sewer jetting, and our high-pressure water jetting units can completely eliminate deposits from drains and pipes, returning water pressure to normal levels.

Call us today at 416-749-1800 for a booking to have the best value, and highest quality high pressure water jetting done on your property’s piping system. We’ll travel to your location within any borough of Toronto, including; Etobicoke, York, East York, North York and Scarborough not to mention any other location around the GTA, arriving on time and getting the job done right. We can get out to your home at a time that works for you, even on evenings or weekends, and our skilled technicians will have your plumbing in excellent working order, at a price that beats our competition by at least 10%.

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