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French Drain Installation & Repair Services Toronto

A french drain, also known as a weeping tile, drain tile, or a trench drain is a trench filled with rock or gravel and a perforated pipe that could be either solid or corrugated. They’re primarily used to prevent external water from damaging or penetrating your home’s foundation and are an excellent way to divert water from your home. French drains are installed and designed in a way to tackle a little problem area or to wrap around the entire house. If your home is at the bottom of a hill or you also get heavy rainfalls, then a draining system is a substantial way to protect your crawl space or basement from flooding.

When installed properly and with the appropriate substances, french drains will safeguard your house for years to come. Improper installation can result in problems and may even make things worse. We make sure to use materials that will stand the test of time plus whatever nature can throw at it.

Advantages Of A French Drain

  • Improve your home’s waterproofing
  • Increase the value of your house
  • Decrease the potential for mold
  • Reduce potential foundation decay
  • Eliminate pest breeding areas

Interior French Drain

Basements and crawl spaces prone to flooding will benefit from an interior draining system. Again, the process and materials used vary by the region, even business to business, but you want to make sure you invest in good materials.

Basement French Drain Toronto

Purchasing a system which only protects a small area could come back to cause trouble in the future. Over the years, downspouts leak, soil moves, and even outdoor drain tile can become broken or clogged. New houses are typically built with cheap materials. In some regions, homes are built without any protective membrane on the outside of the foundation wall.

When you hire Drain City to design and install french drain, you can rest assure that the materials we use are of the highest grade and are installed to give you the longest possible life out of a french drain system. Give us a call, 416-749-1800, our french drain contractors are one of Toronto’s best french drain installers. Even if you’re not in Toronto, we serve the Greater Toronto Area as well!


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