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Basement Exterior Waterproofing Toronto

If your crawl space or basement is flooding or damp, chances are the exterior membrane or footer drain has failed. Basement exterior waterproofing is an excellent means to correct these problems. Poorly installed or collapsed french drains and downspouts can also cause issues that would require outdoor basement waterproofing. Our aim at Drain City is to provide the very best solution for your home that matches your budget and long-term objectives. Sometimes interior waterproofing is your ideal response, but we feel it is only one answer. We would like to make sure your home is safe for many years to come.

Why You Should Invest In Exterior Waterproofing Toronto

True waterproofing is performed outside of the house. Exterior basement waterproofing involves excavating the dire in the cinder block or concrete walls to repair or replace damaged membranes and footer drains. Exterior waterproofing isn’t quite as popular as interior waterproofing for a couple of reasons. One challenge is after years of root growth, which can make it harder to perform exterior waterproofing. Sidewalks and driveways also hinder the work. HVAC systems found outside the home, decks, and sunrooms can also pose difficulties when waterproofing the outside of your house. For these reasons and more, some feel interior basement waterproofing is a much better and more economical solution.

Benefits of Exterior Waterproofing in Toronto

Interior basement waterproofing has difficulties as well. One benefit of exterior waterproofing is that we have the ability to properly waterproof the basement from the outside without losing space inside.

At Drain City, we offer free exterior waterproofing consultations. We are also experts in sump pump installations, crawl space and basement waterproofing, downspout extensions, soil grading, gutters installation and other waterproofing services that are sure to keep your basement dry.


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