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Commercial Grease Traps Installation 2017-08-04T17:31:05+00:00

Commercial Grease Traps Installation

If you own or operate a restaurant in the Toronto area, you realize how frequently oil, fat, and grease (FOG) is washed down the sink–and don’t have a grease trap, grease interceptor or grease abatement device; this can result in considerable problems for your plumbing. Since FOG cools, it hardens and accumulates around the sidewalls of the pipes, also, over time, this buildup will restrict the flow and cause blockages in the pipes that may lead to incredibly expensive plumbing repairs.

Schedule your commercial grease traps installation in Toronto, ON or the surrounding areas–call Drain City in 416-749-1800 or fill out the commercial grease trap free estimate form to the right.

Why You Need Commercial Grease Traps Installation Toronto

There are three main reasons to install a commercial grease trap in your restaurant:

Compliance with Toronto Bylaws

One of the most significant reasons to schedule your commercial grease trap installation today is to comply with federal, provincial, and municipal regulations. The City of Toronto Sewers Bylaw, municipal code, chapter 681 requires all food service establishments to have a grease trap installed to reduce and eliminate sanitary sewer overflows by preventing backups in the pipes.

Plumbing Maintenance

If grease builds up in drains and plumbing, it may eventually lead to a backup that will require cleaning or possibly plumbing repair or replacement in the future, depending on the seriousness of the blockage.


As the grease builds up in the pipes; it may lead to blockages in the sewage collection system, pumping stations, and wastewater treatment plants. Whenever these backups happen, they can result in overflow from manholes, sewers, and more, which causes health and safety concerns for neighborhood residents.

Schedule A Commercial Grease Traps Installation Toronto

Schedule a commercial grease trap installation by calling Drain City. Our highly skilled and fully certified plumbers are assisting the residents and companies of Toronto, Ontario, and the surrounding regions improve their pipes performance. We strive to provide your business with plumbing services which exceed your expectations.

In addition to installing your grease trap, we could replace, repair, and clean it as necessary. Contact us today to schedule your commercial grease trap installation with our commercial grease trap contractors.