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Commercial Grease Trap Smells

Commercial grease traps happen to be vital parts of waste disposal systems, regardless of whether they are connected to home septic systems or commercial city sewers. As such, it would also be essential to clean grease traps to get rid of grease trap smells. Cleaning grease traps prevent the septic systems from polluting the water with unnecessary wastes. This is why grease trap interceptors are part of every septic system nowadays.

Out of every kind of waste that goes down the drain, oil and grease happen to be the hardest ones to process because they take some time to decompose. In fact, even if a septic system has microorganisms in it to process waste, it would still take a lot longer than usual to break them down completely. If the waste gets regularly filtered, on the other hand, the oil will get separated from the solid waste and get stuck in the drains and the tank since it is heavier compared to water. Because of this, the oil could build up and turn solid through time and cause clogs that could shut the whole system down.


Grease and oil – most of all the ones that come from food processing – can cause a lot more damage than just clogs, too, though. If they settle down in the septic system, for example, the grease could turn rancid. At the very least, if it does get flushed into the supply of water, the water could become polluted and create harmful bacteria in the pipes. Plus, it could cause a buildup of harmful toxins in the septic system and become a serious health risk for anybody who gets exposed to them. Fortunately, this can be avoided by getting rid of commercial grease trap smells with the help of grease trap interceptors, which can stop oil and grease from getting into the waste disposal and septic tank systems, to begin with.


Commercial grease interceptors are box-shaped devices that are installed between the actual sewage system and the kitchen drain. They are made to trap and filter heavy grease and oil from the water and keep them there until it is possible to clean the grease traps and get rid of the commercial grease trap smells. These commercial grease interceptors are usually made out of metal or plastic and have to be cleaned regularly to ensure that bacteria will stop growing in the pipes and in the drain itself. In commercial places, these commercial grease interceptors can be installed wherever the potential for oil or grease disposal exists, such as in floor and sink drains. Certain types of food, most of all poultry, tend to turn rancid faster when in the form of grease compared to others and this is noticeable through the grease trap smells that they emanate. In commercial venues, failing to clean out grease traps could also cause a violation of health codes in the municipality during an inspection, so make sure you hire our company to clean grease interceptors. This will ensure that you don’t need to worry about commercial grease trap smells anymore.

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