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What Is A Catch Basin?

A catch basin, also called a storm drain, is usually built along the curb in the gutter on the edge of the road, allowing water runoff. It is part of a sewer system.

The catch basin does just what its name implies and catches waste stopping it from entering drainpipes. It usually has a grate at street level catching debris before the water enters the catch basin. The grate stops trash and other materials from entering the drain. Catch basin cleaning is a typical type maintenance for a catch basin. Catch basin cleaning involves removing trash and sediments collected in the catch basin sump and should be carried out by professional companies equipped and knowledgeable about catch basin cleaning. Catch basins have a vessel under the outlet pipe which captures solids that can flow into connecting pipes as the basin fills with sediment. Ultimately, solids flow into receiving waters such as rivers, creeks, and streams. Therefore, catch basins have to be cleaned regularly.


Maintaining and cleaning a catch basin is important in order to stop storm sewer blockages. Catch basin cleaning reduces the amount of contaminants going into the storm sewer, which could eventually discharge into local waterways. Clogged catch basins might also cause water to pool on streets and in open areas like parking lots. It is imperative that catch basins be cleaned occasionally to maintain their ability to ensnare residue and subsequently their ability to prevent flooding.

Catch basin cleaning can be difficult if the weather does not permit, for example snow. At least once a year, preferably after fall, catch basins should be inspected to determine if they need to be cleaned. If it is noted during the annual inspection that the depth of the residue is equal to or more than one-third the depth from the invert or the lowest pipe or opening into the catch basin, it should be cleaned more frequently than once a year. Catch basins can be cleaned with special equipment, which generally includes a vacuum pump, or can be cleaned manually. Waste that is purged from the catch basin is usually disposed of in standard landfill.

When removed from catch basins, decaying debris, highly polluted water and sediment has its benefits by reducing the foul stench that sometimes can be located to the drain. Organic material can be offensive and the unwanted waste and water from the catch basin should be correctly disposed of. Some waste removed from catch basins would be classified as hazardous.

A catch basin in the yard also helps in private residences by controlling leaves, garden waste and garbage, restraining it from entering the drainage system, catch basins also help with removal of rain water. Having a catch basin on your property makes you responsible for cleaning it to remove that garden waste, garbage and especially in the fall the leaves, which could cause a major problem by plugging the drain and causing flooding if not removed. A qualified catch basin professional can remove waste in your yard by means of catch basin cleaning, and the disposal of waste and debris.

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