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What Does Mean To Waterpoof Home Basement?

Wet basement problem can not only bring financial, but an emotional damage, as well. Plumbers often find that people tend to keep things that are most dear to them – like photo albums, computer hardware, toys, and music instruments – in their basements. Hence, families – adults and children – spend a lot of time in their basements. Yet they do little to prevent their basements from being wet and mouldy. As a result, they have to deal with the wet basement problem when it is already there, brining damage to their health and their belongings.



First, understand how the basements become wet. Basements are porous structures separated from soil by foundation, so the wet basement problem often has to do with the foundation; even the smallest crack in your foundation can make your basement wet.

Second, before you basement becomes wet, check the flow of water around your house�s foundation during the rainy period. The first sign of poor drainage and hence the higher risk of a wet basement problem is when you see puddles accumulating around your foundation. The water from outside can eventually seep through the foundation and create cracks that cause wet basement problem. That is when you know you have to take measures to prevent your basement from being wet.

A wet basement specialist in Toronto will be able to easily determine a basement problem associated with your area and your particular house. The specialist would determine why your basement is wet, and advice you on the best prevention measures, like waterproofing you basement, installing rain gutters and downspouts, ensuring you have a proper exterior drainage system.


When you see the first signs of a wet basement � that is: presence of the wet stains on your basement�s walls or floors, your basement smells or feels wet, or you have noticed mold in some parts of your basement (usually the corners), or signs of spalling (when basement surfaces peel off or seem flaky) � make sure you take some measures to prevent further escalation of the wet basement problem.

First, remove all valuables from the wet basement. Second, make sure your children do not spend time in the wet basement> � mold can cause such problems in health, as asthma and allergies. Third, call a wet basement specialist, who will determine how and why your basement became wet.

Since your basement supports your whole house, you should never try to fix the problem yourself when it becomes wet; use professional contractors who deal with the wet basement problem on a regular basis, and who will make sure to preserve the structural stability of your basement. This will prevent the escalation of a wet basement problem and the possible damage to your house�s structure, and will also help make sure that your wet basement incident is covered by insurance.

DrainCity Inc. Toronto Contractors have a proven expertise in turning your wet basement into a dry, healthy and functional living space with affordable cost. Please give us a call and our specialist will determine why your basement is wet, free of charge.

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