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What Is A Weeping Tile? And Why You Need Weeping Tile Repair?

We deals with weeping tile replacement as needed. In general, a weeping tile refers to a pipe that is used in underground drainage. Usually, this pipe is made out of plastic and has small lengthwise slits in it that will collect extra water out of the ground. Most of the time, rocks and stones are placed around these tiles to stop pipes from getting clogged up with dirt. A weeping tile is also used to let extra moisture get into the gravel and into the pipes in order to be drained away from the foundation of your home.

A lot of older houses use clay weeping tiles, too, but these usually get clogged and could cause even more flooding in your basement in the long run. When this happens, the only way you can remedy the situation is to replace the tiles with new plastic drainage pipes, and this would require major digging into the house’s footing.


Flooded basements are definitely a huge nightmare. After all, even small amounts of water have the power to cause major damages to a home. Plus, they could lead to mildew and mold problems. Aside from that, the worry that you feel about experiencing more basement floods in the future will never really go away until you look into proper basement waterproofing. In general, basement flooding usually happens because of cracks in each home’s foundation. Sadly, a lot of the time, water damage stays hidden because of finished basements, so you might not actually notice the foundation cracks until later on. This could, in turn, cause even more damage and may be more expensive to repair in the end, as well.

Remember: you won’t be able to get rid of the water inside the wall or stop water from getting into the foundation just by looking into foundation crack repair. If your basement is leaking with water, then the only real solution is to dig. Fortunately, our company uses products for basement waterproofing that aren’t just temporary solutions to the problem, but can actually help prevent more basement flooding in the future.

The truth is: if you want to fix these problems for good, you will have to hire real professionals like us who can actually identify the causes behind your wet basement, fix the cracked foundation of your house from the outside, and effectively use basement waterproofing to avoid more leaks in the future.

Sadly, basement floods are quite common nowadays and could lead to various problems, including respiratory conditions, long-term home damage, higher insurance rates and deductibles, and lower property value. The good news is that you can avoid basement floods by hiring our company to get the job done. Our professionals can take care of basement waterproofing in order to strengthen your home’s structural integrity and to alleviate the hydrostatic pressure that the earth has created around the walls of your basement.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to basement waterproofing. Plus, we only use the best products in today’s market and provide a strong work ethic, good cost, and honest services. What more could you ask for?

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