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Basement Walkout Idea As Separate Entrance For Basements

We provide excellent services in terms of building walkout basement. In general, the biggest advantage that houses tend to have when they have a walkout basement would be the fact that there is an additional outdoor entry to the house or separate entrance. Most of the time, a walkout basement is built at the lower part of a house to ensure that people can leave the basement and get to the outdoors right away. On the flip side, a walkout basement will allow people to get out of the house, even if they do not enter from a higher floor.

A walkout basement basically features full windows and is used like a full lower floor – even if the ceiling isn’t as high as it is on a regular floor. Depending on how many windows there are and what the sizes of the windows are, a walkout basement can provide more sunlight compared to a regular daylight basement or cellar area can. As a matter of fact, the lighting in a walkout basement is quite similar to the lighting that can be found on the upper floors of a house. Since it gets hit by direct sunlight, a walkout basement is usually warmer compared to a regular basement, as well.

A basement walkout can generally be used as a garage, a lawnmower storage area or a garden vehicle storage area. Plus, it will increase your options when it comes to expansion. Sometimes, if designed properly, a walkout basement can also be used for rental or as an attached yet separate living space where occupants can come and go without having to go through the upper household area. This means that you have the choice to rent out your walkout basement to help pay for rent or turn it into a completely separate area for a live-in parent or an older child that wants more privacy at home. If you teach or consult from home, a walkout basement and its entryway can prevent traffic from interrupting your daily family life, as well. Plus, it gives your business a more professional touch.

A walkout basement can be used as an opening to patios, backyard gardens or decks, as well, or can be used as a recreation or family room. You can even add sliding glass doors to it, if you want. You can also choose between an unfinished walkout basement with exposed insulation and structural beams, or a finished walkout basement with walls and ceilings similar to a regular room. Either way, building a walkout basement never costs a lot of money. In fact, you can save a lot of money on concrete, which will offset the cost of siding and framing.

Overall, you can trust us (Toronto General Contractors)to come up with a walkout basement that will benefit your home by providing extra storage and living space, increasing your home’s value and even adding to your income. So, whether you want to get a piece of rental property, more family living space or a downstairs office, we can make your dreams come true in no time by building the perfect walkout basement for you.

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