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Basement Waterproofing And Foundations Wall Repair Service From Toronto Contractors

Nothing can be more daunting to a home ownership than a leaking basement. Among the consequences of a wet basement problem are the residents’ health problems, damaged valuables and furniture, damp walls and chipping paint. It all comes down to the fact that when your basement is leaky, it is dysfunctional. If you are deciding between waterproofing your basement and leaving it leaky, consider the costs of your family’s and your house’s health and the benefits of the remodelled basement space, which can be used as in-laws apartment, a storage, an office or an entertainment area for a whole family.

If you choose to do the latter � converting your basement into a functional area � you first have to determine the problems that make your basement leaky. The causes are not always obvious � especially when your basement’s walls and floors are covered by drywall or a carpet. More often than not the cause of a leaky basement problem is the poor construction of the house. The water pressure from rain and snow occurring while the foundation is settling, can cause cracks, through which the water easily penetrates into the walls and the floors of the basement.

When you find your basement leaky after it is finished, the source of the leakage is harder to determine. A local waterproofing specialist would be able to diagnose the seepage after a proper inspection of your basement; they will then be able to assign a remedy to prevent you basement from becoming leaky again.

Many property owners try to patch the leaky spots that are visible to them, and think that this solves the problem. This is not always true, since patches only provide a temporary solution for a leaky basement. You have to be sure that water leak is not collecting water between the basement walls and floors and the foundation, even if it does not seem leaky.

The specialist will first determine how water got into your basement. It can either come from inside (most likely, if you know your basement was waterproofed) or outside (when external waterproofing is either absent or failed). If you learn that the water leak is coming from outside, do not be discouraged � the solution for your leaky basementcan be as easy as adjusting the downspouts. There are other solutions that are more complicated, like installing sump pumps or floor drains, but the right waterproofing specialist will always advise you on the least invasive and the most appropriate method for your particular basement.

Of course, sometimes the solutions are more complicated to prevent more serious problems that make your basement leaky. Some of the methods may include excavation or may mean insulating the exterior of the basement’s foundation.

At Draincity Inc. Toronto Company our general contractors use modern, less invasive technologies to prevent your basement from being leaky; we inspect your basement with a camera and use the newest polymer-based products (which cannot be altered by soil’s pH) for inside waterproofing. If you have your basement leaky, please call us (416) 749-1800 to get a free consultation on possible solutions that are available to turn your basement into a dry and safe living space. We can offer you an optimal cost and provide quality job.

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