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Basement Waterproofing And Foundations Wall Repair Service From Toronto Contractors

Basement waterproofing is a necessity when home property owners want to prevent their basement from being wet. The best practice is when waterproofing is done at the time the house is in construction phase. But the reality is that many construction companies are using limited basement waterproofing methods that are only meant to meet the local building codes, but are ineffective in protecting your basement from real water damage. As a result, house owners often start waterproofing their basement after they move in, as a part of a remodeling project.

If your house is in construction phase, make sure you select a basement waterproofing solution that will prevent future intervention in your basement�s structure. When selecting the appropriate method of waterproofing, consult a specialist to ensure that they do something beyond meeting the local building codes; your basement might need more than just an exterior coating. Basement waterproofing needs proper planning to make sure you save your money on future property damage or future remodeling of your basement.

There are a number of methods that are commonly used to protect your basement and crawl spaces from water seepage: depending on many factors, they can involve interior or exterior waterproofing.

The exterior waterproofing methods are the most proven way of keeping your basement dry; it redirects water away from outside concrete and thus it catches the water before it enters your basement. Since the concrete of your basement is very porous, the water easily travels through cracks as thin as hairline. If your basement is dump, either the external waterproofing method used by the builder failed, or waterproofing is completely absent, which is a common occurrence in older houses and buildings.

One of the reasons external waterproofing fails in newer structures is common building mistakes at the time a basement is constructed. More often the cause of the failed basement waterproofing is the pouring of the foundation walls on top of a footer, which was poured and dried before the walls are set to go up. The additional concrete forms a layer that allows the water in your basement very easily – in rainy season, the holes formed this way can keep the water level to as much as five centimetres.

When the water penetrates the concrete, waterproofing materials (membranes) start to detach. The shortcoming of an exterior basement waterproofing is that it often implies some form of excavation to allow getting to the footer�s drain system.

At Draincity Inc. Toronto Company, we make waterproofing less invasive by using the modern drain cameras to inspect the inside of your footer drains. When your basement floors are not more than 155 cm below ground, there are easier external basement waterproofing solutions (like building an external swale). If your basement is more than 2 metres underground, you will most likely need a more extensive waterproofing solution, like adding interior water pressure subfloor system � this will keep the wall of your basement dry.

Interior waterproofing minimizes the damage from water that enters your basement through the dysfunctional exterior drainage system. Although interior waterproofing is much less expensive, without an exterior one, it is only a bandage solution that does not prevent your basement from future flooding.

When a waterproofing specialist in your area inspects your basement�s particularities, they will determine the most appropriate method of basement waterproofing for your house. This can come down to either installing a hannel system where the floor and the wall of your basement meet, or installing a drain tile under your basement�s floor. Drain tile provides superior waterproofing by directing water to a sump pump, which in turn forces water outside.

Regardless of what basement waterproofing method you choose, always make sure you call a local waterproofing specialist to inspect your basement first. At Draincity Inc. Toronto Company we offer free consultations on basement waterproofing. We are also experts in sump pump installations, crawl space and basement waterproofing, downspout extensions, soil grading, gutters installation and other waterproofing services that are sure to keep your basement dry.

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